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Upcoming Events
Cycling: Tour of Hainan Tuesday 25 October 2016
05:45 GMT
Snooker: International Champs Tuesday 25 October 2016
07:30 GMT
FFA Cup: Melbourne Victory vs Melbourne City Tuesday 25 October 2016
09:30 GMT

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Little Fix - 21/09/2016

Hi Members,

We saw some members complain safari browser was broken.

We have fixed this for you.


Pay via BTC - 01/09/2016

Hi Users,

If you have problems paying via Bitcoin (Bitpay) via the billing portal, you can now send to our BTC Address.

BTC: 1PK2iLMn6xEwAe3FERcJ7K8wm8rZFENuWe

We hope this helps :)

Mag Portal Issue - 01/09/2016

We had issues with Mag portal tonight, it was due to the servers movement, its now resolved. Sorry about the inconvenience.

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