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Site Issues - 14-01-2017

Hey Users,

Here is the list of latest changes, as follows:
 -> The SSL Certificate problem on payment page is now fixed.
 -> Also fixed is announcements posted date.
 -> BT Sport Extra 1-5 is fixed. (6, is removed, due to actually been BT Sport 3, and waste of bandwidth for the same feed twice). (We will bring back BT Sport Extra 6 if it is needed at any point)
 -> Chatango was removed, and replaced with our own chat system for staff security and to prevent problem's.
 -> Chat System now has Mobile Web Viewer (for IOS and Android)
 -> Chat System Mobile Viewer is now fixed. (Auto redirect to login page if not logged in is now also fixed)
 -> UK SD Streams is now fixed. (Audio out of sync/OOS issue)
 -> Headline on Kodi is fixed. (The code tags was removed from been displayed, this was a mistake in the code)
 -> Fixtures page is now automated, it will post 2 days in advance and update daily at midnight.
 -> Automatic BTC Authorisation should now be fixed. (After you make payment it should now be instant)

Thanks for bringing these problems to our attention :)

Submitted By: Winston