Notice: KODI is now available. You can download the plugin here. Click here for a more detailed install guide for the New Kodi!
Our Repository URL is http://repo.sportsdonkey.club/kodi



Guide: How to install sportsdonkey.club via Kodi
1) Launch Kodi and browse to System > File Manager as showed below:

2) Double-click "Add Source", this will bring up a pop-up box that looks similar to the one below, you need to fill out the info with the following:
Name: sportsdonkey.club Repo

3) You now need to browse to, System > Add-ons > Install from Zip File; Then click on "sportsdonkey.club Repo". This will look similar to this:

4) Now browse to the same location, however click on "Install from repository". This will look similar to this:

5) Next, click on "CDNGroup Addon Repository" then Video-Addons.

6) Now you will see "sportsdonkey.club", click on that and press "Install". Kodi Version (2.1.3 is now OutDated - It is now 3.0.0)

That's it! You've installed sportsdonkey.club on Kodi! - But I get an error when I try to load the plugin?
1) Browse back to Video > Video Add-ons on the home screen of Kodi.

2) Right-click "sportsdonkey.club", and press "Add-on Settings". Enter your login details and press "Ok".

It's as easy as that! Happy Streaming!
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